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How to introduce your friends to scotch

6 Scotches to cover all bases/scotches to introduces your friends:

- Monkey Shoulder, carmely and blended
- Johnny Walker Black, well known, and slightly intro to peat/smokey
- Glenfarclas as a Highland
- Oban 14 or Talaster 10 as a brine island intro
- Laphroig/Ardbeg
- Glen Dronich 12 as a sherried example (MaCallan 12)


Top 11 Whisk[e]ys for Beginners. NOTE: Islay is pronounced eye-la ;)

Top 5 (6) Whiskies for Advanced Whisky Drinkers - as nominated by the viewers below:

1st choice=Lagavulin= gentelman
close 2nd choice=Ardbeg=takes you to the parts of town you're nervous about :)

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